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Headache Diagnosis and Treatment in Tampa
Neurology and Physical Therapy Centers of Tampa Bay provide
headache diagnosis and treament in Tampa, closely located to
Brandon, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor.

Tampa, FL
2835 W. De Leon St.
Suite 205
Tampa, FL  33629

in Tampa

Which types of insurance do you accept for headache treatment?

Some types of insurance we may accept include:

Auto Insurance - all auto accident insurance carriers

Florida no fault auto insurance
Personal injury protection
Medical pay auto insurance

Please note, acceptance of insurance may not guarantee coverage.

we accept auto insurance for headaches in Tampa and St. Petersburg

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What are common headache symptoms?*

Besides the obvious head pain, symptoms of a headache can include vision loss, dizziness, tingling on one side of the body, nausea,  vomiting and sensitivity to light, noise or certain smells.

Which types of doctors specialize in headache diagnosis and treatment?

Neurologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches.  The Neurology and Physical Therapy Center of Tampa Bay's two board certified neurologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches, especially post traumatic migraine headaches.

Which types of treatment do your clinics provide?

We provide treatment regimens which may include various medications, herbal preparations, vitamins, as well as exercise, diet and lifestyle change counseling.   Physical therapy may be prescribed as well to relieve tension or pain which may be causing or aggravating the headaches.

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